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About Dr. Gordon Connecticut Gastroenterologist

For over 30 years, Connecticut Gastroenterologist Dr. Donald Gordon has been caring for patients in the greater Newtown / Danbury area.

Practicing Medicine Like You Remember, From Days Long Past

Donald Gordon M.D. provides medical care the old fashioned way, where the patient comes first. There are no computers in the examination rooms to distract the doctor so that their full attention is on the patient. Dr. Gordon rejects the practice of assembly line medicine, instead taking their time to give thoughtful diagnoses for every patient.

In-Office Procedures Add Convenience & Precision

Donald Gordon M.D. conveniently offers state of the art, noninvasive, in-office testing for diagnosing disorders or abnormalities of the GI track, which cause abdominal discomfort to patients. As a result, many diagnoses are able to be made right from the Newtown Connecticut Gastroenterology office without invasive procedures or radiation exposure.

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